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The Bridal Money Dance
(The Dollar Dance)

Let's face it, the "Money Dance" is alive and well, and it's a very popular custom at most wedding receptions in Ohio .

We are not trying to influence your decision on whether or not to have a Dollar Dance at your wedding reception.   We'll just give you some background information on this subject to help you make your decision.

Some couples hesitate to have a Dollar Dance because they feel like it isn't done very often.   We estimate that the Dollar Dance is done in one form or the other at well over half of all the wedding receptions we perform at, running the gamut from the ones held in the most modest halls, through the large reception halls, and all the way to those in hotel and country-club ballrooms.

Another reason it might not be performed is the fact that brides and grooms feel that their guests might be offended.   Probably not, all of your guests have seen the Dollar Dance at so many wedding receptions that now it's just part of the landscape.  Many of your guests are actually accustomed to the dance, and enjoy it very much.  You will find that if you eliminate this traditional, it might be the most requested dance of the evening.

The custom was originated in America earlier this century by the European immigrants, who wanted to assure that the young couple had a few extra dollars to face the future with.   It works well, in fact, most couples will earn over $200.00 while having an enjoyable dance with their guests.