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The Best Man Toast

Nothing can enlighten a wedding crowd more than the perfect wedding reception toast. If youíre the maid of honor or best man, itís most likely your job to say a few words about the bride and groom.  Since this is your time to shine, read the paragraphs below to get tips on how you can be the "toast" of the wedding reception.

If you know that you are going to be giving a toast at the wedding reception, make sure that you prepare yourself.  Itís probably not a good idea to stand up front of hundreds of people and just "wing it".  Take some time to sit down and think about what youíre going to say.  When you are toasting, you are going to be saying some words about the bride and groom.  If you are close to both of them, think about why they are important to you. Put down your thoughts in an orderly manner.   You many want to write them down in an outline form.

When you have your ideas written down, take some time to practice your wedding reception toast.  Remember, it doesnít have to last for a certain amount of time.  In fact, donít draw out your speech for the sake of using up the time.   Make every sentence that you say matter.  You might want to practice in the mirror so you can get an idea of how you look when you are delivering the speech.   Practice your speech in front of some of your friends.  Ask them what they think.

Keep in mind that your toast has to reflect you and the friends whom youíre toasting. Saying and doing things that are out of character for you may make you uncomfortable. This is the last thing that you want to encounter when youíre in front of a large crowd.  If youíre a naturally funny person, tell a joke.  Only make sure itís in good taste.  When in doubt, err on the side of being conservative.

Are you a more serious person?  If so, make your wedding reception toast more sincere and serious.  You could even include a meaningful quote or poem in your speech.  It could cover subjects like friendship, love, or happiness.  Talk about your relationship with the featured couple and how you wish them much happiness and success in the future.

If you have a nice story about your friends, include it in your speech.  People like to hear personal stories.  You could include details that your friends might have thought you forgot.  It would be a pleasant surprise.  Your story can invoke any kind of emotion that you wish.  It can be sentimental, funny, or serious.   It's your choice.

Make sure that you check with the bride and groom beforehand so you know when to make your wedding reception toast.  When the time comes, donít panic.   Understand that it will only take a few minutes and then youíll be off the hook.  If you practiced and prepared enough, it should be no sweat.  Plus, if you pull it off, youíll get a great reaction from the crowd and from your friends.

Usually, the MC of the wedding will introduce you.  When your name is called, stand up calmly and start your speech.  Speak clearly and slowly and focus on the moment at hand.  Be sure to make eye contact with the attendees.  When you are finished, raise your glass, give your final wishes and take a sip.  Keeping these tips in mind, youíll be on your way to giving the perfect wedding reception toast.